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Air Filtration & Sound Enclosures

Enclosures are generally custom designed to meet specific design

Aeration technology is used in almost every water and wastewater treatment process. The fans and blowers required to generate the volume of air necessary in the treatment process are sometimes massive and expensive. JAWS air filtration products were designed to protect your investment by filtering the incoming air to eliminate damage by airborne debris such as sand, trash, insects, and even small birds. The filtration devices are equipped with disposable filter pads or pade that can be cleaned and replaced. The filtration also benefits downstream equipment such as valves, aeration manifolds, and nozzles.

Where needed, JAWS filtration devices can be designed to incorporate sound attenuation to silence excessive noise caused by the air intake opening. JAWS offers flanged filter silencers designed to bolt directly to the air intake flange which come in several sizes and filter arrangements. Enclosures are generally custom designed to meet specific design, field, or maintenance requirements.