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BioSponge Odor Control System

system requires very minimal maintenance.
The JAWS Bio-Sponge™ is an excellent choice for municipal lift stations, pumping stations, and small headworks applications. that require removal of H2S  and other Odor Units. The JAWS Bio-Sponge™ system requires very minimal maintenance. Each JAWS Bio-Sponge™ unit is equipped with a corrosion resistant, industrial grade fan; media contact vessel, and NEMA 4X control panel. Optional equipment includes fan sound enclosure, VFD control, and secondary carbon stage.
The Bio-Sponge™ is based on proven iron sponge technology and enhanced with additional features. Each unit is sized based on application air flow requirements and H2S concentrations however typical size systems are very compact and fit easily within service areas.
The H2S reacts with iron oxide producing iron sulfide and a small amount of water. Oxygen in the air stream regenerates the media by converting the iron sulfide back to iron oxide leaving a residual of elemental sulfur. The converted iron oxide is then available to react with more H2S and regains its capacity with each re-generation. This process extends the life of the media and the overall performance of the Bio-Sponge™ system.