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JAWS Degasifiers

JAWS equipment will ensure the highest standards

Today’s water quality standards dictate stringent requirements for process equipment used in the treatment of drinking water. JAWS-supplied equipment complies with federal NSF standards as well as local requirements. Through our design concepts, vendor certification process, and quality control program, JAWS equipment will ensure the highest standards for water quality.

JAWS Integrated Systems

JAWS can provide design assistance prior to procurement to ensure an integrated and comprehensive equipment scope. We take into consideration all aspects of the project from budget analysis and initial design to installation and eventual maintenance requirements. This level of input offers single source responsibility and ensures a user-friendly process system. The system pictured is an H2S degasification system for drinking water with secondary odor control treatment using two-stage chemical scrubbers. JAWS has the experience and financial stability to provide this type of single source responsibility and integration.